Sunday, May 19, 2013

"Finding with Faith"

Elder Atoigue and I decided to expand our area this week.  We contacted a few referrals and began walking back toward our next scheduled appointment.  For some reason I began thinking about “finding with faith,” a principle in preach my gospel.  I began to ponder what I had to do in order to receive a prompting that would lead us to potential investigators and what it would feel like. As I was doing this a house appeared in the distance.  I’m not gonna say that I was overcome with the spirit and had an irrefutable desire to run to this house and teach, because that didn’t happen.  Instead, as I looked at the house, a calm, familiar feeling came over me.  I felt as if I had been to this house before.  The structure of the house, the flowers, and the location all seemed familiar. I had a very small feeling, barely distinguishable from my own thoughts, that we should visit this house.  I shared with Elder Atoigue my desire to visit this house. So we did.  We walked up to the house and called out Tao Po (we don’t knock on doors, we yell).  A smiling nanay (mother) came out, greeted us and invited us in.  We entered the house and began talking with her. We realized that there was no third male in the house, which meant we couldn’t teach her. Her husband was at work and she wasn’t sure when he would be back.  I became a little bit discouraged. I really thought this was gonna be a good house. Not even two minutes later, her husband pulled up.  He came into the house and we got to know him a little bit.  We then began to give the first lesson.  The spirit was so strong.  The tatay (father) was paying very close attention to everything we said.  He was actually responding to questions and would give us more than a yes or no answer (that doesn’t happen very often here in the Philippines).  It was amazing. The lesson went extremely well.  I’m so excited about this family.  We’re teaching them again later today about the plan of salvation.  Hopefully all will go well!! I can testify that the spirit works through his servants.  You never know how the spirit will prompt you, you just have to be ready.

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