Sunday, September 28, 2014

"Isn't the Gospel Just Perfect?"

Well this week has been a fun one!! We've been running around like crazy coordinating zone conferences. We've completed three out of the four. The final zone conference will be held this upcoming Wednesday on Palawan. Yep, I’m heading back again!! It's been really fun participating in the zone conferences though. We're focusing on Becoming Master Teachers. President Ostler asked Elder Limocon and I to lead the whole thing so we had about an hour in each zone conference to teach and lead a practicing demonstration in front of 60 plus missionaries. I sure do love teaching. I've never had the opportunity to teach the same thing three times in a row, but it turned out pretty good. It's amazing how the spirit prompts you to focus on different things on different days. You really have to do everything in your power to prepare, but when the time comes when you actually start teaching, you have to be willing to put your plans aside and follow the spirit and let it direct the lesson. I sure am thankful for the opportunity I have now to learn these principle. They will be principles that I will use for the rest of my life! 

Elder Limocon and I had the great opportunity to go on exchanges this last week with the Elders from Pasay North! That zone is my baby. It was great to walk those same streets and visit the people that I loved so much. I found out while I was there that two more of the investigators that Elder Carlson and I found and began to teach have since been baptized and now are thriving in the church. We even had the opportunity to visit and teach them. Those are the "pay days" that really help you understand the difference your helping others make in their lives. There is no greater calling than this. I was able to visit Hector!! I don't know if you remember him, but he was the less active member that Elder Carlson and I got really close with. He's still going strong, coming to church, and he even gave a talk in sacrament the other week (I hear that his talk was amazing). Unfortunately, the Borejon family has moved away so we weren't able to visit them. It's amazing how much you grow to love the people that you serve as a missionary. 

We had an amazing lesson with Wilma this last week. For her whole life, she's been active in another church and this last week, all the questions and concerns came out. However, the spirit directed us and through the scriptures, we were able to help her overcome all of her concerns and answer all of her questions. By the end of the lesson she was stating, "It all makes sense now. I finally understand it." It was quite amazing. It's so great that in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints we don't have to take someone's word for it. We have the opportunity to find out for ourselves if something is true. That's exactly what we have been focusing on with Wilma and because she has real intent, faith in Jesus Christ and a sincere heart, she's receiving answers. Isn't the gospel just perfect? I just love it. 

Guess what?  Elder Limocon is going home in about a week. I'm so sad. I can't even explain how sad I am. I love that kid so much. We've had such a great time this past transfer. We've worked extremely hard, seen miracles and shared laughs. It'll be hard to say goodbye to him. I wish he could stay for a couple more transfers. He's the type of guy that makes everyone else around him happy. That's a very special gift. On the other hand, we still have a week and we're going to live it up!! 

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