Sunday, October 6, 2013

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

This week has been full of ups, downs, frustration and miracles. Gotta love missionary work.  The Lord never runs out of ways to surprise us and teach us a little bit more. 

Elder Villoso and I are doing great.  Our companionship has really grown in the past week.  We actually have a great time.  We're still trying to settle into our area.  We've been trying to do a lot of finding and we've actually seen a lot of results.  After the area was split, we dropped to 3 investigators with baptismal dates, but have since worked our way back up to 8 with some really great new people and families. It's truly amazing how the lord places in your path those that are ready to hear his gospel. It has really been an answer to my prayers.  I was really stressed right after the transfer.  I followed the example of the sons of Mosiah and turned my self over to much prayer and fasting. Answers began to follow immediately.  This truly is the Lord’s work and he is with us every step of the way.  He's on our right hand and on our left.  I can honestly feel his angels round about me, bearing me up.  One thing that I've really come to appreciate is the small and simple things.  As a missionary, I often seek after the "ensign worthy" miracles and become blinded to the small miracles that I experience every single day. I've learned the importance of stepping back and observing the small works of our Heavenly Father.  His hand is in our every day life.  

We had a really great opportunity this week to go to the temple.  We had what is called a Temple Tour.  It's such a cool day because we get to take investigators and recent converts to the temple and teach them about the temple while on temple grounds. Unfortunately, none of our investigators were able to attend.  We honestly asked everybody that we were teaching.  We almost resorted to asking random people passing by on the street.  It was pretty depressing going to a temple tour without investigators, but it was an awesome experience regardless.  It was especially cool because all the missionaries were there from the mission so I was able to talk with everyone from my MTC district that came here to the Manila mission.  I also was able to talk with Elder Tofi and some other good friends I've made while I’ve been here. It was great. 

So I’ve made a couple trips to the hospital this week.  They officially tested me for Dengue, and yes, I have it.  Way awesome.  The great thing is that it's pretty much completely gone away.  I'm still pretty tired all the time, but I can deal with that. 

So I came into this email session determined to tell you about one of our really progressing investigators.  About 15 minutes ago, he walked in and sat down right next to me.  Gotta be divine intervention. Anyway, he's an awesome bro. We've been teaching him for about two weeks and he is just the man.  He came to church the first time we invited him (which is unheard of) and also came to church this last week.  That's phenomenal. The great thing is he tells us how much he loves church after he goes.  He's participates and has already made a ton of friends in the ward.  I'm gonna give y'all some advice. If you want to be best friends with the missionaries, really reach out to those that they bring to church (or you can just have them over for dinner). Introduce yourself and make them feel welcome.  The members are so vital when it comes to investigators at church.  Never walk by a new face without introducing yourself!! Anyway, he's a boss.

Way stoked for conference this week.  The Philippines is a little behind.  We don't get conference till the week after you guys. So, I'm way stoked.   They're going to show a midnight premiere at one of the chapels on Friday night.  Elder Villoso and I are taking our tents over later tonight to save our spot in line. So much better than Iron Man 3 or those other movies that I can't wait to watch. 

PS. There's Christmas lights and Christmas trees everywhere. These guys are crazy. It's October. 
Reunited with best friends from the MTC

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