Sunday, April 27, 2014

"If God be with us, who can prevail against us?"

Well this week has been alright.  Nothing too special.  Did a lot of missionary work.  It's actually been a tough week for me to find motivation.  I'm at one of those points where I am dying for a change.  A little more about why.  Our area is probably smaller than our neighborhood back home so we walk the same streets everyday and see pretty much the same people everyday.  We rarely see anything new and it makes it a little tough. Plus we don't have those great things you call seasons.  It's hot.  Everyday.  Without fail.  So I’m contemplating how to spice up my life here. I was thinking about trying a new outfit. Maybe I’ll try and buy a pair of pants that has a 2 mm pinstripe instead of 1 mm. Or maybe I’ll start wearing my watch on my right hand instead of my left. Wow, I should probably stop typing, I’m getting a little too excited. 

We had the wonderful opportunity to do a couple service projects this week.  That was fun.  We went to a woman’s house to help her straighten up her yard that looked like it was hit by a nuclear bomb.  Cool story.  Elder Manares and I were asked to move a refrigerator that was being stored at the back of the house. As we approached the refrigerator, you could tell it had been there for years. We began to analyze the appliance and I felt intrigued to open the door.  As I open it, cockroaches flooded out. And a weird looking substance oozed out.  Cool story huh?  We spent the rest of the time weeding, chopping down trees with a machete and digging up ginger.  It was a good time. 

Our next service project was a ward activity on Saturday.  We swept.  We swept pretty much our whole area. We swept real well. 

I honestly don't even know what to tell you about right now.

I've been obsessed with teaching about the temple this week. We've been visiting a lot of Less Actives this week and have felt inspired to teach about the temple.  We have a really great experience last night with one of the LA families.  In the past, this has always been one of the families that reluctantly let us in, didn't really pay attention and just didn't show much interest.  Yesterday wasn't any different... until we started to teach about the temple and eternal families.  We shared about the blessings that come from the temple, the importance of the temple sealing, how to prepare and it was just wonderful.  The entire family was actively engaged as they were excited to tell us that they really want to start family scripture study and family prayer. They then excitedly told us that they would start later that night and were determined to be at church every Sunday.  Truly a blessing. They are the sweetest family and are going to be sealed in the temple before too long.  

So this upcoming week is going to be crazy.  We have MLC on Thursday, Zone meeting on Monday and then temple day on Tuesday.  Super stoked.  It's going to be the bomb.

I love this verse of scripture:
"If God be with us, who can prevail against us?"

As children of God, we are entitled to his help.  He is always with us and will help us.  However, it is conditional upon us asking for it.  If we will turn ourselves over to prayer and do everything that we can possibly do, no one will prevail against us. That's a pretty amazing promise.  

Know that I love you and you are in my prayers constantly.  Mother's Day is just around the corner. I'm giddy as a little schoolgirl. Mahal ko kayo!!

"We finish each others..." 
"That's what I was going to say!!" 

It's been on repeat. No big deal. 

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