Monday, June 16, 2014

Where's Waldo?

HAPPY FATHERS DAY TATAY!! Sorry it's a day late. It's that time of month again (I'm referring to temple day. Don't get any other ideas). Therefore, Tuesday is our P-Day.  I'm just so dang lucky to have the best father I could ever ask for. I hope you had a wonderful day. I'll be home for the next one :) This week has been crazy great. We had a lot of amazing experiences.  I'm glad to hear the family is doing well. It's just so crazy to read about the drastic changes that are going on in your lives.  I don't even know if I’ll recognize you when I return. I'll pray for the gift of discernment before I leave.

Alright. This week was great. I got to tell you about this great guy we found this past week. We were looking through the area book at former investigators and came across a man by the name of King Magaling (Translation-King Talented, quite the name). We felt like we needed to visit this man.  We went to the house indicated on the records to find that he moved. Well dang. They directed us to the location that they believed to be his current residence. We made our way that direction and started to ask everyone if they knew this man.  No one did. We made our way down a small alleyway leading to a small, humble home. The home of King Magaling. A man saw us coming and quickly beckoned us to enter.  He found us seats and excitedly sat with us.  He explained that he was in fact King Magaling. King began telling us of his experience with missionaries in the past. He remembered their names, their message, and the feelings he felt. For some reason, the missionaries never returned. King then began to tell us the story about Joseph Smith and the Book of Mormon (while holding his own copy he had been given the year before). He told us of his family, his wife and two young kids. We then began to share the wonderful message of the restoration with this man. It might be more appropriate to say that he shared the message of the restoration with us. The spirit was strong as this man listened intently to how the message could bless his family.  The rest is history. He told us to come back. We did. Another great lesson. He's going to be baptized and his family is going to be eternal. Gotta love former investigators. 

Had zone meeting this past week!! It was great. Elder Diamse and I killed it. We have the best zone ever.  One of the highlights of the meeting was our focus we put on finding men (if you find the men, the family comes with). We used the well-known phrase of "Where's Waldo?" and exhorted all our missionaries to find Waldo everyday. I also gave a segment about going out of your comfort zone. I related our comfort zone to dough, something that must be continually rolled out or it will slowly shrink back to its normal size. It's not enough to go out of your comfort zone once. It must be a decision to change and make the new stretch apart of who you are. I sure love zone meeting. 

We had some amazing experiences finding this week. 7 of them have agreed to be baptized. Tender Mercies of the Lord. 

So it's finally rainy season! The temperatures have dropped a degree and the rain has come. With the rain and the change of weather comes sickness. Not fun.  Elder Diamse got sick earlier this week and lost his voice. I'm starting to pick it up and also losing my voice. I sound like a moron. 

Nearly fell out of a jeepney this week hahaha while it was parked. That was embarrassing.  As I was getting off the strap of my bag wrapped around my leg and I made a super graceful flop out of the back of the jeepney. I luckily landed on my feet. My body was fine, my pride was not. What was probably going through everyone else's head, "hahahahaha stupid American." That's ok, I can take it.  Maybe it made someone's day or made someone smile that hasn't in a while. 

We had stake conference! There was a live broadcast from Salt Lake City. It was great. Uplifting. 

We found a 18-year-old kid this week. His name is Joel.   He really wants to find the truth.  We gave it to him. He prayed about it. He knows it's true. He came to church. Gonna be baptized.

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