Sunday, July 6, 2014

"How Far Will Our Faith Take Us?"

I got some great news as well at MLC. Elder Atougie told me that a brother (one of the less actives that we reactivated in Manila 1st) just received his temple recommend and will be taking out his endowments in the upcoming week. Then in the following weeks, they will be sealed as a family for eternity. As a missionary, there is nothing more amazing to hear.  I sure love that family. 

So my boy, King. Have I mentioned how great this guy is? We taught him this last week and his progression continues to amaze me. Every answer he gives is perfect. He states things that members haven't grasped yet.  For example, you said the following to us in our last visit. "I hear about some people that don't go to church because of how much it costs to travel or how far the church is and I just don't get that. If I didn't have the means to pay for a tricycle (public transportation) I would wake up 3 hours early and walk if I had to." That's just one example of many. He taught me a great principle this week.  He began to share with us about the role of faith.  He said that we all have to ask ourselves "hanggang saan ang pananampalataya natin?" or the English translation, "how far will our faith take us?" Is your faith strong enough to get you up 3 hours early to go to church? Is your faith strong enough to sacrifice Monday nights for family home evening? Is your faith strong enough to get you out to home teach every month? Is your faith strong enough to get you out of a movie theater playing a bad movie or stand up for the kid being bullied? How strong is your faith and how far will it take you? 

Quick story. Can't remember if I told you this already or not. The other day we were on exchanges and we were heading toward an appointment when a woman called out to us. We went back and began talking to her. She told us that she was a member! But hadn't been to church in years. Her name is Pia and she's been wanting to come back to church, but has been too shy. Her husband isn't a member nor her 2 kids. Her husband had never taken interest in the missionaries or the gospel. We had a great conversation and built a great relationship. We set up a return appointment. The return appointment was amazing. We gathered with the whole family and taught a powerful lesson about families and the role the gospel plays in our families. The whole time we were wondering what the father would think. The next day (Sunday), Pia came to church! She brought her kids, but no husband. We began to talk to her and she said, "My husband wants you to teach him. He couldn't be here today but he'll come to church next week." YES! Don't you just love part member less active families? I sure do. She then expressed how excited she was for her husband and family. Needless to say, I’m just excited for her and her family. 

Don't you just love missionary work? Heavenly Father keeps the golden investigators, the ones that are truly prepared, until after you have done absolutely everything you can do to find them. Sometimes he leads you to them, other times, he leads them to you. The church is true. 

Some missionaries may feel bad that they are missing out on what everyone else is doing. I'm the exact opposite. I feel bad for everybody else because they are missing out on what I’m doing.

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