Sunday, July 27, 2014

I Sure Love Families

I have stated the following about missions: When you don't think it can get any more difficult, it does. When you don't think it can get any better, it does. This week I was blessed to experience both ends of the spectrum. I have truly witnessed the Lord's hand in this, His Work.

I'll begin with Elsi's baptisms this last Saturday. It was wonderful. Elsi is such a kindhearted person that wants nothing but to do what is right. She is very conscious of the needs of others and wants to serve them. It was amazing to witness a daughter of God make sacred covenants with her father in heaven. It was amazing to see the ward embrace her and help her feel apart of their "family". The gospel is amazing. Elsi asked me if I would baptize her and I gladly accepted. (We were hoping Polo (the one that referred her) would baptize her, but he insisted on us). It was a great experience, until I found out that she was terrified of water hahah. When she got in the water, her body got rigid and I felt like I was trying to baptize a tree. It took a couple tries, but we finally got her to bend her knees and the sacred ordinance was completed. It was great.

Elder Diamse and I have truly been blessed in this area. I have been often stated my love for Less Active Part Member families and I’m about to share two experiences with you that explain why.

Pia, Micheal and fam.  I love this family so much. We were able to teach them a couple times this last week and it was just amazing. Upon arriving, Michael (non-member) told us that he has been reading the book everyday and is now in chapter 9 of 1st Nephi (that never happens in the Philippines. people hate reading). We taught them about the importance of prayer and church. We then invited them to attend church. Sunday came and ... to be continued.

Edmar, Jenna and fam. Oh my gosh. I feel like I have known this young couple for my entire life. This is the family I told you about last week that we randomly found while looking for a potential investigator. Edmar has been a member for most of his life. He got in the wrong crowd and fell away from the church. His wife Jenna is amazing. Seriously, they are the cutest family ever. They have a 5-year-old girl, MJ, that is absolutely adorable, and a 7-month-old boy. From the very first lesson we could feel that this family was special. We began by teaching them about families and progressed into the restoration. The spirit was tangible. We also invited them to come to church after an amazing lesson. Sunday came and... to be continued.

Sunday Morning: Elder Diamse and I were walking around greeting the members when we saw the elevator open (yeah we have an elevator in our church. What up.) Out walks Edmar, Jenna and their family. Did I mention that they are the cutest family ever? We took our places next to them as sacrament started. However, still no Pia nor Micheal. Five minutes later, I look back towards the door to see Pia's smiling face staring back at me with her young daughter in hand waving at us. They walked in and were followed by Micheal and the rest of the family. Words can barely describe the excitement I felt. They sat right in front of us and ate up everything that the speakers said. By divine intervention, the topics were perfect. We listened to two amazing talks about becoming a worthy priesthood holder and the importance of womanhood. It was one of the most amazing sacrament services of my life.

Monday night: One last experience that fills my heart with unexplainable joy. We went to Edmar and Jenna's house yesterday and had the most amazing lesson ever. We felt inspired to focus in on the importance of the spirit and how it would bear testimony to them of the truthfulness of the church. As we concluded, Jenna spoke up and stated, "I’ve already felt that this church is true. I already know." Oh my gosh. The perfect moment.  Later we asked Jenna if she could offer the closing prayer. She hesitantly accepted after some encouragement by us and her husband. We knelt and listened to an amazing prayer. Half way through the prayer,  Jenna began to get choked up and tears began to flow. She closed her prayer and I opened my eyes to see Edmar with his arm wrapped around his wife in humble, kneeling prayer. It was an amazing sight. A sight that will continue through eternity. It won't be too long before those two are kneeling as husband and wife in the only place that compares to the home in glory: The temple. 

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