Sunday, June 16, 2013

"A Mighty Change of Heart"

The highlight of the week occurred on Saturday when the Amit family passed their baptismal interviews!  It was a great moment. Their baptism will be held this Saturday and I am so stoked! Here's a little background about the Amit family: The Amit family consists of Rey, Rebecca (parents) and 4 children, two of which no longer live with them. Tatay (father) was once an alcoholic and had a few other problems with the word of wisdom.  The missionaries had visited their house multiple times but the Amit family never showed any interest. However, before i got to the area, they agreed to listen to the discussions again. The missionaries began teaching and for some reason the Amit family experienced "a mighty change of heart." They began applying the teachings to their lives.  Tatay gave up alcohol and straightened his life out. After months of teaching, they decided to be baptized. It seriously amazes me how awesome the gospel is.  Nothing can compare to the peace and comfort the Holy Ghost brings. This family is so amazing.  The word on the street is that Tatay shed a tear during his interview as well. The gospel, atonement and the Holy Ghost can break down any barriers and help with any problems. Gotta love being a missionary.  I'm so glad i get to walk this path with them.  Elder Atoigue and I will be performing the baptisms and you'll never guess who they asked to sing. Yep, add one more tally to the number of musical numbers i've performed!

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