Sunday, June 9, 2013

Just One More Cultural Experience...

Here’s a pretty cool story.  So we were walking around doing our thing as missionaries and we ran into Nanay Alatiit (an investigator).  We talked for a while and then she gave us this little note that one of her relatives told her to give to us.  As we walked away, we opened the note.  It was a hand written invitation (in English) to her relative’s wedding!  Oh and she’s Muslim. Yeah, we went to a Muslim Wedding! (Did i mention that we had only met this girl one time?) It was a great cultural experience! A few interesting facts about the Muslim religion and their marriage parties (we couldn’t go till after the ceremony):

1. The bride and the groom remain seated the whole time on a stage. They're not allowed to touch each other at all.  No holding hands, nothing.
2.  Every hour, the bride and the groom change clothes. These parties go on for hours as well so they go through a ton of clothes (Sounds like a nightmare to me).
3.  No dancing.  Muslims are not allowed to dance for fun.  However, on their wedding, they participate in a dance called a Roncy (no clue how to spell that). (Not sure if I’d be more excited about being married or having the opportunity to dance for the first time)
4.  They feed the guest like kings.  They start with a snack, followed by the main course, and finish with another snack. No pork though! Yeah that part was great.

So yeah, Muslim weddings, way cool!!! Not too many people can say they've been to one of those!

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