Sunday, September 22, 2013

Just Come to Church... I Promise You'll Love it!

I'll start out with some crazy news I got this week. We were at a member’s house having dinner when we got a call from President Stucki.  Elder Tofi answered the phone and went to the other room.  When he came back he informed me that he would be shotgun training in a new area.  Then he handed me the phone and told me that President wanted to talk with me.  I answered the phone and was informed that I had been called to be a Trainer as well.  Yep, I'm having my first anak (child) (that's what everyone calls it here)! I'm gonna be a father! Luckily, I get to remain in my same area. I'm way stoked.  It should be a fun experience.  A little more responsibilities added to the responsibilities of being the District Leader, life's getting pretty crazy here in the Philippines. I still don't know who he is and actually won't find out until I see him this coming Wednesday. Get ready for some great experiences in the upcoming transfer!

Unfortunately, Elder Tofi will be transferring.  I'm pretty sad that we can't be companions any more.  We've been having a great time here in the Manila 2 ward and have had some great success. I wish we could be companions for a little bit longer.  We work well together. 

So this last Sunday was a little frustrating.  The rule here in the Philippines is that investigators have to go to church four times in a row before they can be baptized. This week was kind of a do or die week.  We had a ton of investigators that had to come to church this week in order to maintain there baptismal dates. Let's just say, we didn't have the best turn out.  7 investigators lost their baptismal dates. One of them we visited the day before and actually gave her a few pesos so she could pay for fare.  She took our money... didn't come to church.  Way frustrating.  To add to that, we had a less active that we've been teaching that had been to church 3 weeks in a row and only needed one more to be reactivated.  She didn't come either. Oh man, missionary work can be frustrating.  It drives me crazy when people tell you that they'll do something and then don't do it. Sometimes I hate that people have free agency. Just come to church!! I promise you'll love it!! 

Sorry, this week hasn't been too eventful.  I wish I had some more great things to tell you about, but it's just been another week. I'm gonna wrap this email up with one quick spiritual thought.  One thing that I really have loved studying about is personal revelation.  It is through personal revelation that we come to know the truths of the gospel.  One of the best things that we can do as members of the church is learn how to receive and recognize personal revelation.  One thing that I really love about being on a mission is having a set time to do personal study.  It's quiet, spiritual and fantastic.  One thing I've learned is the importance of pondering. Moroni invites all to read the Book of Mormon, PONDER it in your heart and then ask god for confirmation.  Before my mission I never really understood the importance of pondering.  I always had to have something occupying my time.  However, it's when we ponder that our minds are enlightened.  If you want to receive revelation, ponder a question in your mind, draw conclusions, and then ask for conformation from our Heavenly Father. 

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