Sunday, September 8, 2013

Totoo Ang Simbahan Na Ito

Magandang gabi po sa inyong lahat. What a great week it has been.  It all started with our trip to the temple on Tuesday.  Such a great experience.  The Manila Temple is beautiful.  It's a lot smaller than I expected, but amazing non-the-less. I love going through the temple so much.  Not only do you help someone gain eternal salvation, but you also learn a ton and have a great spiritual experience. It was also really nice to have a little rest from the regular weekly routine of missionary work.  A change in scenery is always nice. 

The Baptism of Nicole was on Saturday.  So awesome. He's a great kid. He has a really strong testimony.  This baptism was especially cool because Nicole's brother, Keen, was able to baptize him. Keen is preparing to go on a mission and should be finishing up his mission papers in the next few weeks. There's no better way to prepare than by actually doing missionary work. The joys of seeing someone enter into the waters of baptism never diminishes. I loved Nicole's baptism just as much as I loved Sister Gaira's or the Amit family's. I love missionary work.

This Saturday will be a great day.  Another one of our Investigators is being baptized. Her name is Shane. She's only 9 years old and is so dang cute. She lives with her grandparents who just recently reactivated in the church.  Her grandparents are the nicest people ever.  I love going to their house to teach Shane.  She's so excited to be baptized. Honestly, that is the best part of being on a mission.  Being able to interact with all these people who are changing their lives to come closer to Christ. They are a great example to me.  I can learn something from every person that we come in contact with. As missionaries, we may be seeking to change other people’s lives, but in reality, they're changing ours. 

I want to quickly share an experience that we had yesterday at church. Elder Tofi and I were sitting in the Gospel Principles class when the ward clerk knocks on the door and tells us that we're needed outside. So we leave the class and walk out the door to find this man waiting for us. The clerk introduces us.  His name is Ronnie and he is not a member of the church, but he wants to be baptized. He's been jumping from church to church his whole life and has always felt like something was missing. Holy cow, this guy is ready for the gospel.  He told us that he came across our church website and fell in love with our doctrine and the church as a whole. What more could you ask for as a missionary.  He's going to be baptized on October 12th.  This church is true. We have the fullness of the Gospel. It's that simple. 

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