Sunday, August 10, 2014

Share the Gospel With A Smile

Well here we go. Remember how I was telling you about making changes in style and appearance to switch up the whole missionary schedule? Well this last week, I went to the extreme and got myself a new haircut. Decided to go with the buzz hahahaha you should see me. It's not too short (that's against mission rules), but it's definitely the shortest it's ever been in my entire life. It's pretty nice not having to use gel anymore, and it allows for a cool head. Not sure if I’ll be doing it again though. The wonderful thing about hair is that it grows back (in most cases). 

Had zone meeting again this last week. It went well. It was probably my last zone meeting here in Bonifacio. Who knows what will be happening next transfer, it could have been the last zone meeting of my mission. Speaking of the zone though, Bonifacio zone is killin' it right now. We only have 7 companionships, but we're lookin at 17 baptisms and 18 reactivations for the month of August.  Gotta love working with these great missionaries though. There are some great people here that I’m working with. It's so cool to get to know people from all over the world and learn about their background. It truly is a blessing.

I have a great story to tell you about the importance of members and the huge difference you can make just by being yourself. Here is a little background. We have a recent convert, Jio, and he's the man. I've really gotten to know him well since I’ve been here and he is a great example of a member missionary. He's very outgoing and just loves everyone. All right, so here's the story. Elder Diamse and I were walking down the street when a man caught our attention and waved us over to him. We walked toward him and he introduced himself. His name is Elias. He then began to tell us about his new coworker, Jio. Elias told us that he and Jio had met at work. He then began to explain how Jio was one of the happiest guys he had ever met and he wanted to know why. Jio had mentioned that he was a member of the church and Elias concluded that that was one of the main reasons Jio was so happy all the time. He then expressed the desire to learn more so he could find out how to find that same happiness. That is missionary work at it's best right there. Let's all share the gospel by being ourselves. Let's realize how blessed we are to be members and let it show on our faces. Let that happiness shape our lives and become who we are. Never underestimate the power of a smile and a happy attitude.  

Just a couple more highlights from this last week:

Went on exchanges

Witnessed a drunk man threatening another man with a butcher knife. 

Witnessed some more drunk men. 

I decided to count how many pregnant women I saw in one day. I made it to 12 and then stopped. Everyone and everything is pregnant here. 

And finally, we have a baptism this week!! Her name is Princess and we've been teaching her for a while now. She's 18 years old and just loves the gospel. She is pretty much already a member. She's taking part in institute, all the activities, she even paid tithing already. That's dedication.

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